Vocational Training


About the program

The Program Management course is designed to help employees plan, execute and deliver tasks and deliver projects efficiently.

Programs are an umbrella structure that allows you to manage a group of projects in a way to gain greater benefit than what could be achieved from managing the projects separately. The program allows us the best of both worlds. The very large initiative is broken down into many smaller projects that are easier to manage. At the same time, you provide management and guidance to all of the projects to ensure that the common objectives and common deliverables are completed successfully.

Learning Objective
  • Gain knowledge on when to apply project, program and portfolio concepts based on the characteristics of the work
  • Gain knowledge on different models for programs and which are most common
  • Validate the alignment of programs with the organization strategic plan
  • Apply the critical concept of benefits management to ensure benefits are realized and sustained
  • Ensure governance is applied in a program at both a project and program level
  • Implement a Program Management Office to support critical programs in your organization
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the comprehensive set of planning activates required on most programs
  • Perform the required work to monitor and control the program including managing risks, issues, scope, schedule, budget and quality
  • Effectively close a program

The course will be delivered using a variety of facilitation techniques including trainer presentation, group activities, individual activities, and individual reflection/self-analysis.

    1. Strategic Program Management
    2. Program Life Cycle
    3. Benefits Management
    4. Stakeholder Management
    5. Governance

    6. Language

      Professionals in the field of Project Managment

      All materials needed for the course will be provided.

      30 Hours

      Certificate of attendance

      2,500 QAr