Ministry of Education & Higher Education

Educate is an accredited center by the ministry of Education & Higher Education in the state of Qatar for language learning and development, the center has been accredited since 2010. The accreditation is a part of Qatar 2030 In order to foster a healthy and capable national workforce, the QNV 2030 prioritizes human development. Improved education and health care, and increased cultural awareness and employment opportunities for nationals are the cornerstones of the vision’s human development strategy. A large emphasis is placed on the youth population in this regard. The low rate of Qatar is joining the workforce is outlined as a major challenge to human development.


Kip McGrath understood that every child learns differently and developed a methodology to help children to catch up and keep up in the core areas of English and Maths. Now, more than 40 years later, Kip McGrath Education Centers continues to tutor primary and secondary students all over the world to help them reach their full potential. Kip McGrath provides tutorial assistance in English and Math’s to primary and secondary students.

The system is based on how children perform in the free assessment tasks, which means they get placed at the correct level on our programme to learn all the necessary skills in either Maths or English. Every concept is taught systematically, and the student works through each topic area until they have caught up to their year level. This approach is thorough, structured and successful.

Educate is a part of Kip McGrath Education Centers, has been offering Maths and English tuition services for students in Qatar since 2013. At Educate, students are motivated to succeed; they learn at their own pace so they are never overwhelmed.

Learning becomes not only rewarding but fun.


The Jigsaw Discovery Tool is all about developing people to grow the success of organization. It provides strategic solutions that will make a difference to individuals, teams and organizations. The tool is based on the very latest evidenced research in neuro-science, neuro-leadership, positive psychology and workplace practices and as such is at the cutting edge of human performance.

The Jigsaw Transformation Model is a step by step approach to achieve strategic and cultural transformation. It requires commitment, but is experiential and insightful, creating ‘aha’ moments to drive through positive behavioral change that will make a difference to any bottom line.

What makes the Jigsaw Discovery Tool unique amongst so many profiling tools based on the same theories. It is tactile, experiential, interactive and most importantly uses memorable and colorful characters to help learners identify their personal preferences. Based on the latest evidenced neuro-science, the Jigsaw Discovery Tool, challenges the “cradle to grave” approach taken by many similar tools and acknowledges the plasticity of the brain. Unlike traditional profiling tools, there are no questionnaires forcing people into either/ or choices.

The Jigsaw Discovery Tool recognizes that people can and do exhibit opposite behaviors, for example the way in which people behave at home is often very different from the way they behave at work.

Educate is an official accredited partner for Jigsaw Discovery Tool in the state of Qatar.


Reading Horizons is based on Orton-Gillingham principles of instruction. Orton – Gillinham principles of instruction is described as a language-based, multisensory, structured, sequential, cumulative, and cognitive. The instruction involves the explicit, systematic, and sequential teaching of language sounds, word parts, and common spelling rules. The instruction employs visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic teaching techniques. These are critical for struggling readers and ELLs.

Explicit: Direct, precise, and clear The RH method provides clear instruction, instructor modeling, and supported practice. The skills taught engage all students at various levels of proficiency.

Systematic: Methodical; carried out using step-by-step procedures The RH method teaches skills in a step-by-step and engaging manner, allowing for opportunities to monitor students’ understanding and level of mastery before moving on to the next skill.

Sequential: Moving from simple to complex Since the skills build upon each other, it is essential to teach the RH method in the same sequence that the skills are presented. Skills are taught and then continually reinforced throughout the method, so it is important that students have mastered previously-learned skills before introducing new concepts.

Educate has partnered with Reading Horizons to distribute Reading Horizons Discovery for K-3 and Reading Horizons Elevate K-12 programs to Qatari audience.


ISO standards are developed by the International Organization for Standardization and the thousands of technical experts who work on ISO committees. The purpose of ISO standards is to establish international best practice for business processes.

Educate is an Accredited for UKAS ISO QAR 9001 – 2015 (17238-Q15-001)


QAC (Qatar Aeronautical College) became an official IELTS testing center for IDP offering both Paper-based and Computer-delivered options to many test takers in Qatar.

They have broadened their horizons by adding different exams to their list, such as ACT, Linguaskill for Business, OET and TKT for Educators to name a few.

Educate has partnered with QAC to become an official registration center to  offer the convenience of registering for the IELTS and other exams to its students and public.